Hey there, I’m Javier Suárez. I’m an image international artist working and living in Madrid.


Which art is? This is a common question all around the World. Since we started to called art to some pieces and some kind of movements that we did not understand really.

I describe art that capability to do beautiful things and sometimes beautiful is another strange word for everybody, but at the end art is the personal expression from ourselves. Then we use art in every moment in the life, we are creating all the time in terms of feelings, things, acts and so on. The magical moments make us better people and we can explore new emotional World to discover new ways to run adventures and see the results as the spectator of our lives.

Allow light be part of your person and everything around you will provoke positive acts and great atmosphere to capture the most powerful images from your feelings, does it sound interesting?


“Without positive energy you won’t get good results”.

- javier suárez sanz


Art is always related to love and this term is more familiar for us. Love is one of the best things in the World so when I am into myself creating things for you is the sense that we are connecting in some way to do something special for both, specially for you. Let this energy flows to do magical things trough the image, let these feelings fly and create art.

All of this created My fashion’s World, enter to discover, enjoy and feel.

Much love,